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The "Create Your Own Financial Plan" video course includes full (lifetime) access to these customizable tools!

1. Balance Sheet

Sort your assets by location (taxable/pre-tax/tax-free) and subtract your liabilities to see Net Worth.

2. Debt Repayment Calculator

Quickly determine your required annual payments, future interest paid, and the remaining debt repayment period (with age) - including the effect of making additional principal payments.

3. Mortgage Flexibility Calculator

Compare 15- and 30-year fixed-rate mortgage repayment options, and then consider the "Cost of Cash Flow Flexibility" by financing a 30-year mortgage but paying it off within 15 years.

4. Pay Statement Calculator

Estimate your full-year earnings, deductions (pre-tax and after-tax), and taxes - including whether you're on track to max out your workplace retirement accounts.

5. Values-Based Spending Template

Analyze your household spending from a new perspective, aligning your use of money with what provides unique value to you and your family!

6. Investment Accounts Template

Analyze your total investment portfolio and visualize your accounts by asset location (taxable/pre-tax/tax-free).

7. Investment Holdings Template

Analyze your specific investments within each asset location, including your expenses (as a $ amount) and the "Tax Impact %" - to understand the tax consequences of realized capital gains within taxable brokerage accounts.

8. Education Savings Needs Calculator

Estimate your required monthly and annual savings to meet your college savings objectives - also considering a split between 529 accounts and other child savings options.

9. Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Determine how much term life insurance coverage you may need to transfer the risk of premature death - considering future income needs, your current investment balance, and other lump sum payment needs (such as debt and education funding).

10. Health Insurance Marketplace Template

Discover and compare health insurance costs, including the estimated Premium Tax Credit (PTC) to subsidize premiums within household income ranges.

11. Long-Term Care Savings Needs Calculator

Research and estimate whether long-term care needs could be self-funded or supplemented with LTC insurance - specifically based on where you live.

12. Portfolio Savings Needs Calculator

Estimate how much you need to save each year to reach your desired financial independence (work-optional) age - including whether you have achieved "CoastFI!"

13. Portfolio Distribution Allowance Calculator

Estimate how much you can withdraw from your investment portfolio annually through the end of life, including a range of inflation-adjusted returns (0% to 10%).

14. Social Security Template

Learn how to conservatively estimate your future Social Security retirement benefit - even if you plan to retire early!

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